1. Membership fee of $10 and insurance fee of $20 per year is required to compete
    for class points and prize money.
  2. Entry fee of $7.50 per class per round for members and $10 per class per round
    for non-members.
  3. Rain: If first round is complete, pull is declared complete.  If no then pull will be
    rescheduled per sponsor and date will be announced.
  4. Driver must be capable of driving tractor on and off track without help.
  5. Tractor must have brakes acceptable to official in charge.
  6. Fuel leaks will disqualify tractor until it is corrected.
  7. Track official may request weight or hitch check at any time.
  8. Track official's decisions are final.  Tractor driver or owner (in case of minor) can
    discuss track official ruling in a peaceful tone, no outbursts or signs of anger.
    Protest committee will investigate any rule violations.
  9. Sportsmanship like conduct will be strictly enforced at all times.
  10. No profanity (cussing) will be allowed.  Any profanity or show of anger by the
    puller, friends, or associates of  the puller, will cause puller to be disqualified.  
    Second offense will cause puller to be disqualified for the season and lose all
  11. Due to insurance requirements each person operating a tractor must sign a
    release waiver before they can pull.  A parent of underage driver must sign the
    minor release waiver.  The first waiver will cover you for the entire season.  Any
    person visiting our association and enter the competition must also sign a release
  1. Tractor must weigh in and be ready to pull when class starts.
  2. Tractor has 3 minutes to get weighed in once called to track.
  3. Once weighed in tractor must stay at track side in full view of all.
  4. If tractor leaves staging area, it must be re-weighed.
  5. Tractor must re-weigh in case of pull off unless tractor returns to staging area.  
    Tractor cannot leave staging area without reweighing.
  1. First tractor in each class will determine is sled gear is correct.  If so puller may
    accept pull or drop to last in class and pull again.  First puller can drop even if out
    of bounds or any other infraction.
  2. Sled malfunctions will permit immediate re-pull of affected tractor.
  3. Tractor may restart if sled has not passed the 50' mark on first attempt.  Tractor
    cannot leave track unless there is a breakage, "adjustments" must be made on
    track within a 3 minute time limit.
  4. Tractor is disqualified if anything falls from it or its driver during pull except in the
    event of blown engine or drive train failure.
  5. Tractor tires cannot cross boundary lines without disqualification unless it is first
    attempt and before the 50' mark.  Rule # 3 will apply.
  6. Pull distance is measured electronically.  In the event of failure, distance will be
    measured from the center of the sled pan.
  7. A pull off will be ran as a separate pull; any tractor going out of bounds will be
    given last place in the pull off.  Rule #1 does not apply in a pull off.
1st place = 20 pts
5th place = 8 pts
9th place = 4 pts
2nd place = 15 pts
6th place = 7 pts
10th place = 3 pts
3rd place = 10 pts
7th place = 6 pts
11th place = 2 pts
4th place = 9 pts
8th  place = 5 pts
Remaining = 1 pt
Only association members are allowed to earn points.
1ST  $15.00
2ND  $10.00
3RD  $5.00
1ST  $15.00
2ND  $10.00
3RD  $5.00
1ST  $20.00
2ND  $10.00
3RD  $5.00
1ST  $15.00
2ND  $10.00
3RD  $5.00
1ST  $25.00
2ND  $10.00
3RD  $5.00
1ST  $30.00
2ND  $10.00
3RD  $5.00
NOTE: Any non-member can pull for prize money if tractor meets rules for class
entered.  Non-member tractor must pass inspection and are subject to protest.  
Non-member must pay $10 per hook for up to 2 hooks and sign liability release form.  
No points allowed to non-member tractor without paying association fee of $30.00.
Standard Stock Class       Danny Haigler            Round One
                                    Danny Haigler            Round Two
                                    Wallace Smith            Alternate
Open Stock Class             Wyatt Helms               Round One
                                    Jackie Stegall             Round Two
                                    Jimmy Helms              Alternate
Hot Stock Class                 Gary Smith                Round One
                                    Sean Barbee             Round Two
                                    Robert Stegall            Alternate
Super Stock Class            Sean Barbee              Round One
                                    John Snyder               Round Two
                                    Terry Smith                Alternate
Stock Altered Class          Sean Barbee             Round One
                                   Jimmy Helms               Round Two
                                   Mike Efird                   Alternate
Pro Stock Class               Jimmy Helms               Round One
                                   Mike Efird                   Round Two
                                   Eric Hester                 Alternate
Modified Class                 Jimmy Helms              Round One
                                   Mike Efird                   Round Two
                                   Eric Hester                 Alternate
PRESIDENT:                Sean Barbee              980-721-3963
VICE-PRESIDENT:       Mike Efird                   704-753-9453         704-254-3058
TREASURER:               Naomi Hatley              704-888-2610
SECRETARY                Jill Efird                      704-753-9453          704-254-3057
SCHEDULER                Glenn Hatley              704-352-0716    text accepted
                                                                    704-591-5620    no text